BORNEO  - New Technology for the New Broadcast Era

In recent years, the media market has been inundated by technical innovations. The pace of change is accelerating and the advent of HTML-5 has finally brought Frame Accuracy to the WEB which will have a game-changing impact throughout the Broadcast and Media production and distribution business.

With HTML-5 we have a solid foundation for next generation production solutions working in the way today’s professionals prefer to work, with tablet devices such as the Apple iPad offering creative freedom and leveraging the private CLOUD and Public Internet as the platform. This is ground-breaking technology which can yield significant performance and business benefits.

Up to now, Web Browsers were not frame accurate, and this simple limitation largely prevented the use of the web in broadcast production processes. In News Production the ability to create a frame-accurate EDL using the web would have streamlined the editing task, it was simply not possible. So the web was a step in the right direction, but limited to those areas where frame accuracy was not required.

With HTML-5 the Web Browser becomes a frame accurate tool to create the final EDL opening up the opportunity for large-scale use of web applications to simplify operations and enable next-generation tablets such as the iPad to streamline productivity and improve efficiency, whilst at the same time greatly reducing maintenance.

Before HTML-5 most MAM systems were based on a client-approach. The setup, installation and maintenance was complex, and difficult to administer. The larger the enterprise, the greater the administration task to ensure that all the PCs were configured and tuned to support the MAM application. Updating a client-server system to take advantage of newly developed features meant updating every individual workstation, a labour intensive and costly process intruding on time-critical production operations. With other third-party applications running on the same workstations there was an increasing risk that the MAM could lose priority over the CODECs resulting in a poor user-experience, not to mention the risk of locally introduced VIRUS or Malware infections.

Now, with HTML-5, it is possible to replace the Client software with a Web Browser to run the MAM or News applications. As a result the “System Administration” task becomes “Server Administration” and the interaction with the MAM is via a Web browser on a PC or Tablet such as the Apple iPad, or even a Smart Phone.

This breakthrough applies to “traditional” Web environments, and importantly it enables Cloud Production. Consider a journalist shooting an interview in a remote location: the high quality video clip can be sent to the Newsroom by IP Satellite, email attachment or as a file transfer over the Internet or Cloud. The journalist can connect to the Newsroom Rundown using a simple Apple iPad or standard Laptop, write the story, edit it with or without voice-over and finally send the few bytes of a frame accurate EDL to the station along with small audio dub file and graphics.

Media-Alliance has developed BORNEO (standing for Born-New) as a single integrated and modular application offering MAM; Newsroom; Workflow and Metadata Management; Content Processing; Archiving and Delivery based on a unique blend of new technology and our unique experience in delivering and supporting high value solutions for the worlds most demanding customers.

BORNEO is the first Broadcast solution to offer the unique user-experience based on frame accuracy in the Cloud.


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