Media-Alliance was established in 2005 by a team of engineers with extensive experience in Broadcast Television and Media industries. The core team working on MediaXplorer, the Media Alliances flagship product has been actively involved in the development of Media Asset Management (MAM) systems since 1991 and have unrivalled experience in meeting the needs of users in the Broadcast Television industry. MAM is our corporate DNA!

MediaXplorer was first released in 1994 and has been continuously developed and refined, leading to the current version 4.0 release which is stable and reliable and in day to day use in on-air critical situations in Television facilities around the world.

Media-Alliance is a leader in software development worldwide, empowering Broadcasters to produce and manage digital media with multi-platform and multi-format file-based workflows. The Media-Alliance product line exploits the full potential of MediaXplorer as the central system steering all television production and media management tasks for News; Sports; Program Production and Archiving departments.

Media-Alliance, solutions span all of the Workflow Management requirements of modern tapeless systems, starting with an Enterprise-class Ingest System for recorded content in any Tape, Disk, and Cartridge format or from Live Feeds. File-Based content can also be captured and uploaded in the Ingest System. Thereafter MediaXplorer offers a solution for all of the Content Creation and Content Management processes including Scheduling; QC, Program Editing; Promo Production; Standards and Practices Compliance; Censorship; Storage Management; Browsing; Archiving and Transcoding ready for Linear Playout or file based delivery to IPTV, Web and Mobile platforms. Media-Alliance also offers a Newsroom Computer system for Journalists and integrated News Production and Playout with Legal Compliance Recording - a truly end-to-end capability from a single highly experienced and supportive deployment team.

Media-Alliance provides consultancy and professional services for Requirements capture, System Design, Deployment, Commissioning, Training and Technical and Operational Support, in partnership with leading Independent System Integrators. Our solutions are cost-effective and incorporate advanced technical innovation based on user experience and feedback gained in deployments around the world. The result of our continuous development is a unique MAM solution which can be deployed quickly with the minimum of fuss and disruption to ongoing operations.

Media-Alliance operates worldwide and our technology is used in more than 20 countries with hundreds users and including clients like: Gruppo Espresso, Telelombardia, Sige - Italy, Expert TV, VGTRK - Russia; VOX Africa - UK, Astro - Malaysia; StarHub - Singapore, KBS - South Korea, TrueVision - Thailand, TVB - Hong Kong, Intigral – UAE and many more.

We have documented a series of real-world Case Studies which are available on request.

Media-Alliance engineers have contributed to the progress of Television with numerous innovative software technologies which are in use in many Television stations today such as:
  • 1995 - Shot detection and scene change analysis. Video Quality check
  • 1996 – First worldwide implementation of Digital Tape Library Partial Restore
  • 1999 – First Web based MAM of the market
  • 2002 – First implementation of MPEG4 as Proxy format
  • 2005 – First MAM with fully customization metadata schema with support of any languages
  • 2007 – First Newsroom to support 2D/3D animated CG preview on journalist desktop
  • 2008 – First implementation of “query by image example”
  • 2009 – Prometeo: first archive manager of the market to support DiskArchive ALTO-100
  • 2010 – First TCP-IP Ingest system to support unlimited number of VTRs and live feeds
  • 2010 – First, file based, live and real time quality check while ingesting
  • 2010 – First video server on the market to support USB 3.0
  • 2011 – Expecting to release first MAM semantic engine for “query by audio example”
  • 2012 – Borneo Cloud
Media-Alliance specializes in developing complex tools to solve specific problems arising from the use of digital systems in professional Media production & Management.
Media Alliance is proud to have been selected as finalist for the IBC2009 Innovation Awards for the innovative category of Creation as evidenced
in the development of the first Russian HD Newsroom for EXPERT TV which was deployed at the end of 2008.

Recently Media Alliance has been awarded a contract to supply News production facilities for a very large number of Regional Newsrooms
for the Russian National Broadcaster VGTRK.


VGTRK successfully migrate nine regional newsrooms

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