CRYSTAL SERVER  - general purpose server for broadcasting applications

Standard IT servers are not always able to support high demanding
tasks of broadcasting applications

Crystal Server has been specifically designed by Media-Alliance as general purpose server for broadcasting applications.

Crystal server components and electronics are almost the same as AVIO server, including MAX I/O bus to support high transfer bandwidth that are typically required by video I/O and Content Processing.

Crystal Server has 1U form factor, dual redundant power supplies, quad Gigabit Ethernet ports, Dual Xeon 6 Cores CPUs, up to 10 (5 installed as default) SAS or SATA Hard Disks 2.5”, SAS RAID 5EE/6, optional SAS expansion to JBOD, optional video I/O module. Other optional modules are: quad RS-422 port, LTC port and Dual 10Gb Ethernet ports. Crystal Server harnesses MAX I/O™ technology, maximizing the usage of up to 3 expansion cards in the Server. Crystal Server is typically supplied with embedded OS. Depending on specific deployment, Crystal Server can offer following services:





ONDA AUTOMATION: Crystal Server can be used for single or dual ONDA Playout Automation, configured as CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX and integrated with 2D or 2D/3D animated CG.

PICCOLO & MediaXplorer: For small/medium MAM installations you can purchase a Crystal Server with pre-installed PICCOLO or MediaXplorer MAM.

BORNEO Content Processing: Crystal Server can be used for Borneo Content Processing platform, offering very high perfomance for such demanding tasks.

BORNEO QC: Crystal Server Can be used also for other demanding tasks, such as file based quality check.

CATONE: Crystal Server is perfect solution for single channel live censorship system.

BACK-UP: Crystal can be a low cost backup solution for various systems, for example AVIO.

NAS: Adding a large JBOD of 60 disks, you can configure Crystal Server as a low cost, high capacity NAS.

CLUSTER Database: Crystal can be also an ideal solution to build a cluster database.


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