MEDIAXPLORER  - scalable, cross platform Media Asset Managemement


Realising efficiency benefits across your whole media enterprise is achievable with the MediaXplorer MAM and Workflow solution

“Media Asset Management” (MAM) has become a widely over used phrase in the broadcast industry with a range of suppliers stating that they can deliver it. Broadcasters often discover too late though the limitations of most of these solutions, which only offer a browse and search capability, or media management for specific purposes only.

MediaXplorer from Media-Alliance delivers a fully featured and scalable MAM, complete with workflow and archive management for all the broadcast operation. Enterprise wide efficiency is achieved through intuitive user interfaces, automated processes and integration with traffic systems, ingest solutions, newsrooms, production, post-production and playout.

With a combination of Windows and cross platform web clients, MediaXplorer can be rolled out across complete media organisations. Powerful searches on a flexible metadata schema, proxy browse, EDLs creation and export to NLEs are only some of the key functionality provided.

WORLD CLASS MAM:  Scalable from small to large enterprise operations, supporting any language (Latin and non-Latin) and being easy to use and maintain, since 1994 MediaXplorer has become one of the most successful Media Asset Management solutions globally and continues to lead the market.

CROSS PLATFORM: MediaXplorer has both Windows clients for the most detailed specialist tasks, and cross platform (Mac, Windows and Linux) web clients (using Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE etc.) to provide users with the ability to perform core tasks—search, browse, create and exports EDLs, and partial restore.

POWERFUL DATABASE & SEARCHES:  MediaXplorer offers a flexible “soft” schema for metadata entry that can be customized without coding. With standard and advanced search and browse, including query by audio and query by video, users able to efficiently find required content.

WORKFLOW ENGINE: Manage complex workflows with the Material Manager, defining media rules for automatic execution, and setting-up repositories and watch folders for these workflows. Different rules can for different content with workflows stored in XML files.

EASY TO INTEGRATE: MediaXplorer has been integrated to nearly every type of third party system using industry standard protocols or APIs where required. Media Alliance also offers products that closely integrate with MediaXplorer including VIVA ingest, NewsNet newsroom, and ONDA playout.


Enter the world of high quality Media Asset Management in the knowledge that your solution is built on proven and reliable technology, and safe in the knowledge that you are investing in solution that continues to lead the market and deliver you benefits.

FLEXIBLE SCHEMA: At any time use the MediaXplorer schema editor to customize the metadata fields that you require, in your language. No coding is required as MediaXplorer automatically builds your schema in XML files.

ADVANCED SEARCHES: In addition to standard Boolean type searches, MediaXplorer supports advanced query functionality, such as searching for clips that have similar audio pattern or video image.

USER RIGHTS MANAGEMENT: Easily set-up and manage rights for individuals and groups in the media organisation, enabling them to access different parts of the MediaXplorer database and content store.

CONTENT LIFECYCLE: Use the MediaXplorer Workflow Manager graphical design tool .and XML tools to define the lifecycle of different types of asset in your operation, including repositories, rules, alarms, transcoding and logging.

SAFE ARCHITECTURE: The MediaXplorer materials manager architecture is extremely powerful and robust, with predefined jobs distributed among networked servers, and each server executing more than one rule.

OPTIONAL ENHANCEMENTS: Options are available for integrating MediaXplorer to third party systems and storage, and for implementing specialist production workflows such as VOD and censorship.


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