ORIGIN QC  - File Based Quality Check available also for real time QC while ingesting



ORIGIN is enterprise class file based quality check with unique features that distinguish from other QC products

File-based media content workflows are getting more and more important. Content providers need to ensure a certain quality level for their customers, Broadcasters are receiving content from many sources - encoded at different file types, bitrates and different quality levels. Checking the content becomes a main criteria while manual, visual Quality Control is expensive, time consuming and error prone.

ORIGIN QC is the answer to these needs.

ORIGIN QC (also known as OKUSEE) can be supplied as stand alone product or part of BORNEO suite as BORNEO QC. In both cases it offers unique features such as: integrated workflow manager, check for Digital Betacam artefacts, check for inverted fields, use optional PAL/NTSC output for visual checking of errors/warnings, optional real time quality check during ingest and of course it supports all typical test plans for video and audio quality checks.

ORIGIN supports most popular video formats such as MPEG2, DV, SONY XDCAM, AVID DNxHD, Apple ProRes, etc.

WEB GUI: ORIGIN is available as server application with WEB GUI client, thus simplifying deployment and management. The WEB GUI allows to access all running jobs and at the end to list and check any warnings or errors.

EASY INTEGRATION: ORIGIN is available as integrated and optional part of BORNEO or as stand-alone product; in both case ORIGIN comes with a workflow manager that simplifies the integration with any existing systems.

EASY ADMINISTRATION:  The WEB GUI simplifies the administration of the application and the definition of the quality check parameters and intervals. ORIGIN can be also integrated with the USER MANAGER for both LDAP or Active Directory users and user groups.

EASY OPERATION: ORIGIN runs unattended as server application offering an easy WEB GUI for the operator to check progress of jobs, change priority and view the list of errors and warning.

UNIQUE FEATURES: ORIGIN is the only FBQC that offers the possibility to check errors and warnings by using a player with PAL/NTSC output, thus granting the actual view of any artifact.

ADVANCED FEATURES: ORIGIN can also support DOLBY-E® check as well as loudness check and correction . As an option of VIVA Ingest, it can be used for real time QC while ingesting. Find our more at: http://www.okusee.com.


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