PRODUCTION TOOLS - Several production tools to streamline the daily job in production environment

File based solutions can make difficult the life of broadcasters if not supported by proper tools for their daily job. Media-Alliance introduces several tools to streamline the daily production with easy and affordable applications

VIVA FI: VIVA FI (File Import) is part of the VIVA Enterprise ingest Suite and it is very strategic tool for any production environment that requires file import from various devices or network sites.

VIVA FI offers one single user Interface for any import task and it is able to operate with devices like Panasonic P2, SONY XDCAM as well as FTP. The file import from Panasonic P2 or SONY XDCAM exploits the full potentialities of those devices, when existing, or adding additional features if not available, such as the Partial Restore, the join of a group of sub-clips to one single clip or finally converting on the fly the format to the one that is preferred in the production. During the import phase, the operator can check the progress status, abort one job or change the job priority.

While importing VIVA FI can also convert the high quality file to a proxy format (H.264) and also generate a sequence of key frames based on scene change analysis.

XCUT: MediaXplorer, the Media Asset Management of Media-Alliance, has the ability to list and check all ingesting feeds and do simple cut editing while ingesting as well as conforming to a new clip or send to NLE for craft editing.

Where MediaXplorer is not available or the user requires a simpler solution, it is possible to adopt XCUT.

XCUT browse all ingesting feeds and the user can select one clip in low resolution and begin a session of mark in and mark out to create an EDL. The EDL can be conformed to one single file, in case a conforming server is available, or send the EDL to any NLE for craft editing.

Depending on file format, XCUT can also directly operate on high quality clip instead of proxy, although in general the management of proxy is preferable solution as it does not overload the network.

      Other production tools include:

  • Publisher: to generate content for VOD
  • XY-Display: multiviewer based on TCPIP
  • Query by image example to empower searches
  • Query by audio example to empower searches
  • Speech to text recognition


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